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CD Sales in local Bulgarian villages (To Date)

   First CD

This week 16

Total 688

 Second CD

This week 10

Total 617


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Thank you for visiting my site.


   I hope you will continue to support my music.    




I am pleased to be back 'on song' and loving every minute. 

There are some 'highs' and many 'lows',

but, "hey", that's the music business. 


It's better to be 'knocked down',

than to have never 'stood your ground'.



      If you have an aspiration, go for it !      

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

' Cos You Never Know !! 

There will be jealousy and some back-stabbing, but let them get on with it !

Your 'Friends' will support you (as they should) and you'll find out who they are !