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             The Past, the Present and the Future.
I am an ex-professional vocalist from the UK, living in Bulgaria for nearly 3 years.
   I thought I had 'retired' from the music business (albeit prematurely), but seeing the popularity of British music in bars and on TV in Bulgaria, I started singing for fun at karaokes and resort venues.

Whilst singing at a showbar in Balchik in August 2010, I was approached by a recording company executive who gave me the opportunity to make an album.

This was completed in October 2010, mixed and edited at studios in
Ruse, Bulgaria & Winchester, England.
The CD album, "Memories of You and Me"
comprises 11 covers of hits, mainly from the 1960's. 
My second Album has now been recorded, again in Ruse, Bulgaria, in April 2011, again  covers of hits from the 1960's and 1970's and titled "Michael Sinclair ...... in Retrospect" 
A third Album "From Me to You ... with love " is being mixed and edited for a release date in November 2011. 
Tracks from these albums can be heard on Jango Internet Radio
Initially, 2 tracks will play at random.    To hear more, click 'play all'.
Now over 1,000 fans worldwide - can't really believe it
But I'm so grateful ! 
You can also hear some of my music on Trust Global Radio

   The albums or single tracks can be downloaded at Amazon MP3, Amazon On Demand, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Zune, Nokia and MediaNet  
On Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites you will occasionally see a 'widget', posted by the recording company, where you can click and play my music.
There are some interesting videos on a later page of my site.    These were filmed in 1984 on Betamax and later transfered to DVD, so the quality is not exactly 100%.      However, it's a look back in time and brings back some special memories for me.    My 'Backing Group' were 3 friends from the 1960's, who agreed to dust down their guitars and a young man on drums, who I believe we found wandering the streets !    There was next to no rehearsal time, but somehow we coped, apart from not being too sure when there were 'guitar breaks', who sang what and when, or, which song was coming next ! 

I should like to thank everyone who has helped in my 're-born' career, notably Tom from Furnace Studios, Nick and Bobby from Trust Global Radio, Plamen, the owner of the Irish Showbar in Balchik, 'BulgariaBill' who was instrumental in initially building my website and especially the many Bulgarian people who have bought my CDs and do not understand a word of what I am singing about.