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        My Music is a mix of pop, ballads & romance

Some years ago, I was a vocalist with two pop groups, with one major success and some failures, but nowadays I prefer to perform 'easy listening', 'middle of the road', romantic songs and if I'm re-incarnated, "great", but if not, "so what" !       

Nowadays I simply enjoy what I am trying to do

In the 1960's, living in Chesterfield, I learned my trade with Dave Berry & The Cruisers and Vance Arnold (Joe Cocker) & The Avengers both from Sheffield, Shane Fenton (Alvin Stardust) & The Fentones from Mansfield and Bernie Clifton from Chesterfield.            They went on to be household names and I stayed behind to clean the house.   

In 1984, I made my first 'comeback', supporting Frankie Vaughan, then headlining a show at the Aquarius Cabaret Club in Chesterfield, with the support of some 1960's friends as my backing group.    It was good to be back on stage after nearly 20 years away from the business.    You can see 'snippets' of the show on this site.    Go to "Videos".    

Buddy Holly, Bobby Vee, Dave Berry, Ricky Nelson & Cliff Richard's music are my 'vogue' and one listener commented on Jango, that I actually sing better than the original artists.     Maybe, not too realistic, and I don't really believe it, but I am very happy to accept the compliments whilst they last !


Listen to my current CDs for yourself - don't take my fans words for it !    Tune in to Jango Internet Radio (click Jango), to hear my music, check out the fans worldwide and their comments, or listen to some tracks on


You can order my CDs ($8 plus postage).    

E-Mail:- mailto:[email protected] for more details. 

I have been asked many times about the backing music and vocals on the albums.    They are 'real' musicians and singers who deserve the highest praise.    There is no 21st Century technology or computer wizardry on any of the CDs. 

The recording studio sometimes promote my music on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites and occasionally you can click on a 'widget' on those sites to see updates and hear my albums.  Often, I am not happy with what they say, but having signed a contract, I have to accept that I am a product of their expertise and part of their business.